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    R500 per hour for fitting / consultation session. Bookings are confirmed with R250


    Shopping sessions available in private studio in Somerset West. Book shopping session@ R300 half an hour session. When you shop R300 deducted of total. For fitting sessions R500 per hour Consultations sessions R500 per hour To Book and secure appointment R300


    This service is the DESIGN and making of your dream boho wedding dress. ( please note I do not make dresses from from pictures. I design something to suit you. ) how it works: please kindly read my section on bohemian weddings. I design the dress / outfit/ story to match you and your occasion within your budget. 1. to start of we have to meet/ zoom to establish what i can offer you and what you want this is an hour consultation of R500 and payable before meet. 2. I quote 3 . if you accept we establish time frame 4. to start full amount to be paid 5. this includes one fit 6. alterations and extra / changes will be additional fees. dress gets picked up / couriered

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  • Boho Fashion Designer | Ellebluerose

    ALL THE INFO ABOUT MY COLLECTION IS HERE ON MY HOME PAGE BELOW. FOLLOW EASY LOG-IN 1. BY CLICKING ON ANY OF THE COLOR COLLECTIONS ON THE HORIZONTAL MENU. 2. POP U WILL APPEAR 3. SIGN UP WITH YOUR DETAILS 4. LOG IN WHEN ALL THIS IS DONE YOU CAN VIEW MY CATALOG. TO ORDER /SHOP CHECK OUT WITH YOCO LINK PAYMENT / OR IF NOT SURE PAY WITH MANUAL SETTING WHERE I WILL BE IN TOUCH WITH YOU ASAP VIA WHATS APP. NO PAYMENT GOES THROUGH ON MANUAL SETTING UNTILL I HAVE CONFIRM AVAILABILITY AND SEND PAYMENT LINK TO YOU. WHATS APP ME IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE 0828233203 Elle BLUEROSE is an original ​ handcrafted fashion collection ​ Designed and manufactured by ​ ​ ELLE ZACHARIAS ​ qualified fashion designer B. CONSUMER SCIENCE CLOTHING AND TEXTILES (ED) US ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ SPECIALISING IN ​ BOHO VINTAGE ROMANTIC GRUNGE DOPAMINE DESIGNS ​ ​ I have a ready-wear line and offer a huge selection of choices offer SOME designs on pre-order. (lead time 5 to 15 days production) ​ ​ ​ My website serves as an ​ ONLINE CATALOG ​ ​ ​ ​ PLEASE NOTE ​ IT IS NOT A GENERIC SITE ​ ​ ​ ​ all garments are individually designed, cut and styled in ​ ​ Elle BLUEROSE signature styling ​ ​ FABRICS ​ are sourced and treated hand vintage washed in ​ ELLEBLUEROSE HUES ​ ​ ​ THERE ARE NO ITEMS 2 THE SAME ​ ​ ​ THEREFORE ALL ITEMS ARE LOADED ​ ​ INDIVIDUALLY ON-SITE ​ ​ ​ ​ READ MY INTRO below HERE ​ ​ KINDLY NOTE: ​ all below is JUST my info/ where and what I DO /background ​ to make it possible for you to see my WORK and what I / can OFFER ​ ​ FOLLOW THE STEPS: ​ REGISTER ​ and then log in (AFTER REGISTERING WITH EMAIL AND PASSWORD ) ​ ​ ​ to see the ONLINE catalog ​ then Click on the the collection you want to browse and ​ always scroll down ​ ​ ​ TO BUY /ORDER: YOU HAVE TO CONNECT WITH ME VIA ​ ​ WHATSAPP ME ​ 0828233203 (message not call) ​ EllE ​ what I offer: MY LOOK ​ the latest women's dopamine fashion trends, influences, combined with all aspects of all time that touches my soul. ​ Inspiration is everywhere ORIGINAL WORK ​ INDIVIDUALLY designed, styled and hand vintage-washed in my signature earthy styling since 1994 ​ ​ ​ DESIGNER VINTAGE WASHED collection ​ Styling is unique contemporary. The finishings are modern and specialised. ​ designed in ​ ​ ​ Romantic Boho style for an overdyed vintage wash process. ​ bohemian gypsy feel with a touch of earthy grunge and dopamine overdose ​ ​ ​ true to BOHEMIANISM ​ my collection is designed FOR THE WOMAN WHO who is ​ UNCONVENTIONAl stylish FREE-SPIRITED ​ & ​ nonconformist ​ FOR THOSE MOVING AWAY FROM THE GENERIC AND MASS-PRODUCED. ​ ​ ​ WHO IS IN TOUCH WITH HER UNIQUE SELF. WITH her OWN SENSE OF STYLE AND IDENTITY AND WHO IS NOT SHY TO BE NOTICED ​ but rather to be admired ​ ​ BOHO/VINTAGE/EARTHY GRUNGE STYLE ​ EMPHASISES THE ORGANIC ELEMENTS IN NATURE. A WAY OF EXPRESSING ALL THE ECLECTIC CHARACTERISTICS THAT APPEAL TO IN YOU AND EXPRESSING IT IN YOUR WAY OF DRESSING ​ ​ this makes you shine ​ TO COMPLETE THE DOPAMINE FASHION VIBE LOOKS I OFFER ​ romantic new grunge boho country GIRL TOUCH OF HIPPY FREE SPIRIT VINTAGE SOUL classic bOHO BOHO CHIC AND A HINT OF BLING AND ALWAYS CHIC STEAMPUNK VINTAGE ROMANTIC ​ ​ MY COLLECTION ​ OFFERS UNIQUE AND ​ EXCLUSIVE FASHION PIECES ​ ​ to BE FREE & creative and TO dress the the way you want to ​ items ARE TIMELESS ​ ​ classic boho ​ my quality speaks for itself since 1994 ​ ​ ​ I DESIGN / PUT TOGETHER OUTFITS please note items are individually made ​ no mass production ​ and no 2 the same/ all one-off ​ For ​ BOHO LIFESTYLES ​ WEDDING DRESSES ​ BRIDES ​ WEDDINGS ​ WEDDING OUTFITS ​ BRIDESMAIDS ​ MAID OF HONOUR ​ RENEWING VOWS ​ MOTHER OF GROOM ​ MOTHER OF BRIDE ​ SPECIAL DAYS ​ AND CELEBRATIONS GRADUATIONS CHRISTENINGS BIRTHDAYS HOLIDAY WEAR ​ ​ CASUAL WEAR ​ EVERYDAY WEAR ​ ​ I ASSIST and advise ALL THE WAY . ​ ​ I am a specialist with wardrobe/ lifestyle change ​ ​ MOVING INTO BOHEMIANISM ​ With B. CONSUMER SCIENCE CLOTHING AND TEXTILES (Ed) 4 YEAR COURSE 30 years of hands-on design manufacturing and marketing experience ​ ​ ​ I AM CONFIDENT TO OFFER YOU UNIQUE STYLING GUIDANCE. WITH A NATURAL GOOD EYE AND WORKING WITH CLIENTS IN A DAILY BASIS. ALWAYS PART OF THE PROCESS ​ ​ ​ My collection is ready-made and that means I do have stock to choose from to purchase. ​ You have to connect via whatsapp so we can communicate. ​ ​ SOME items /outfits are available ​ On pre-order ( T and C s apply ) lead time 10 to 15 days for ​ special occasions & bohemian weddings ​ I offer a range of unique bohemian dresses/ wedding stories /OUTFITS ​ uniquely made original ​ non-traditional ​ ​ NON GENERIC ​ AND ​ noncommercial ​ ​ boho romantic vintage hippy chic shabby chic boho chic GATSBY new grunge medieval fairy beach Ibiza gypsy country baroque ​ ​ all original design ​ no 2 are the same ​ ​ ​ PRICES FOR wedding dress / occasional dress options are from R3000 up ( without consultation) that from the ready-made collection ​ ​ ​ THE ​ pre-order and custom designs ​ ElleDEZIGN DRESSES /STORIES ​ ​ PLEASE Whatsapp ME 0828233203 FOR OPTIONS and quotes ​ ​ FROM from......... R5500 up ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ SIZING ​ I work in sizes S - XL ​ some XXL on available pre-order. ​ DO NOT KEEP XXL IN STOCK ( see pre-order in the menu) ​ ​ SHOPPING WITH ME ​ WHATSAPP ME: ​ 082 83 3203 message kindly note : no calls, please ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ you can shop in the following ways ​ ​ 1. directly from website (after you have registered and logged in) check out and it will be delivered via courier nationwide. ​ ​ ​ 2. browse online shop and collect from home studio in Somerset West click and collect ​ ​ ​ 3. Browse website and whatAPP me to shop ​ ​ 0828233203 (MESSAGES ONLY) ​ ​ 4. via Appointment with a private shopping session home design studio in Somerset West . ​ ​ private shopping booking fee........ R250 ​ SESSIONS ARE R500/hour FITTINGS AND CONSULTATIONS. when you shop R250 booking fee GETS DEDUCTED. ​ ​ ​ I ASSIST WITH PLEASURE TO PUT TOGETHER A LOOk ​ ​ ​ KEEP IN MIND ALL ITEMS ARE UNIQUELY HANDCRAFTED ​ ​ ​ AND NO 2 ARE THE SAME SLOW FASHION ​ ​ ​ sign up LOG IN & view the ​ ​ full catalog: ​ ​ ​ go to the home tab select a collection you wish to browse provide information to the pop-up please use the website as a guide: ​ ​ If your chosen item is available in your size, add it to the cart & checkout. ​ ​ If not, please WhatsApp me & I will assist with something similar ​ MY DESIGN STUDIO: Somerset West *Available only on appointment ​ AND CONFIRMED with R250 BOOKING FEE ​ THIS AMOUNT GETS PAID TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT FOR A PRIVATE SHOPPING SESSION. WHEN YOU SHOP IT GETS DEDUCTED. ​ ​ ​ I F NOT IT TURNS INTO A CONSULTATION OR FITTING SESSION. ​ Please WhatsApp me for any further inquiries ​ ​ 0828233203 ​ ​ MY CATALOG IS ON THE SITE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE ​ ​ here is my size chart in cm size bust and hips ​ ellebluerose size chart ​ ​ Home: Store Policies To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. MY STORY AND THE SUMMER BECOME THE FALL I WAS NOT READY FOR THE WINTER IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL CAUSE I WEAR BOOTS ALL SUMMER LONG - STEVIE NICKS ​ ​ I HAVE BEEN DESIGNING AND MAKING CLOTHES SINCE MY EARLY TEENS. IT STARTED WITH THE ALWAYS YEARNING FOR MY OWN ORIGINAL LOOK . NOT FINDING IT ANYWHERE. DRESSING TO EXPRESS MY INDIVIDUALITY BECAME A WAY OF LIFE. ​ I STUDIED B. CONSUMER SCIENCE (Ed0 AT STELLENBOSCH (Ed) . MAJORING IN TEXTILES AND CLOTHING DESIGN HERE I STARTED MY FIRST COLLECTION ​ ELLEDEZIGNS ​ in the late 80 s ​ Realized soon after GRADUATION that the free spirit i n me was not made for any corporate environment. I started ​ ​ BLUE ROSE CLOTHING IN 1994. ​ ​ ​ I DID THE ARTS AND CRAFT SCENE IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR MANY MANY YEARS. LOVING IT. THE GYPSY LIFE. ​ ​ ​ ALWAYS DESIGNING, MANUFACTURING AND SELLING. HANDS-ON. artisan designer ​ ​ ​ TRAVELING ALL OVER SA DOING HERMANUS LEMS